Makeup bag (big size)

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Makeup bag (big size)


A makeup bag created by professional make-up artists, exclusively for beauty masters. Comfortable, practical, stylish, and compact. Meets the basic needs of a make-up artist.

Create everyday comfort with an exclusive cosmetic bag created by professional make-up artists.

Liko 50



‘- Convenient design. Especially convenient when working on film sets, the cosmetic bag is conveniently hung on a carabiner.

– The makeup bag is resistant to cold.

– Long-lasting, strong, and high-quality. Decor details – high-quality eco-leather.

– 3 different sizes to choose from.


The design is patented.

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Height 14 cm

Length 21 cm

Width 3-5 cm

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Svoris 0,087 kg
Išmatavimai 21 × 3 × 14 cm